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Throughout its existence, the content of the publication has evolved, from the provision of necessary basic information for companies that wished to locate their production and development centres in South Moravia to the existing form where the publication is oriented more towards employees of foreign companies and opportunities for partnership with research and development institutions of the South Moravian Region. This is an area where we see great potential, particularly due to the long-term focus of the South Moravian Region on innovation, intensified by newly built science and research centres of both regional and European relevance.

Given the high degree of specialisation of the publication, we work in the long term with a number of partners – professionals who guarantee that the individual texts and chapters provide reliable information and experience.

The chapter covering practical information from the South Moravian Region was consulted with, and written on the basis of feedback from, individual companies active in various parts of the South Moravian Region, with the objective of identifying the experience of various firms with the services provided in South Moravia and sharing it with others. It should be noted in this respect that the Regional Development Agency South Moravia is not responsible for services as such; on the other hand, the Agency believes that recommendations from other foreign and domestic firms are in themselves a sufficient indicator of quality.

In conclusion, I would like to add that we welcome all comments on the content and structure of this brochure, which is regularly updated. If you have any tips or ideas you would like to direct to us, we, and others who use this publication, will be very pleased to receive them.

Vladimír Gašpar
Director, Regional Development Agency of South Moravia

Regional Development Agency of South Moravia

The purpose of the Regional Development Agency of South Moravia (RRAJM) is to support the regional development on the territory of the South Moravian region. RRAJM therefore provides services to public sector bodies (putting emphasis on entities in the South Moravian region) as well as to other parties needing consultations concerning regional development.

Our services include

  • Subsidies and EU projects – consulting and application writing
  • Educational events on regional development, structural policy and project management
  • General grant advisory
  • Advisory in preparing entrepreneurial zones and properties, management of their portfolio
  • Services and writing strategic and programme regional development documents
  • Writing feasibility studies and cost-benefit analyses for prepared projects
  • Assistance to investors (locality selection, organisation of visits, help with establishing a company, after care)
  • Support of brownfield regeneration
  • Advisory in EU innovation activities

Support for Investors

  • Providing information on local conditions for entrepreneurial activities, tailor-made situation analyses
  • Selecting of suitable localities respecting particular requirements
  • Mediating contacts to land/property owners, labour offices, universities and local institutions involved in research and development;
    negotiations with local and regional bodies and institutions
  • Organising and planning visits

Since 2000, when we started offering assistance to foreign investors, we managed to place nearly 50 foreign companies. Our “clients”, who have successfully established themselves in South Moravia include Honeywell, IBM, Daido Metal, Daikin, Alps Electric or FEI Company.

Regional Development Agency of South Moravia
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