Salary and Salary Grades

An employee is entitled to a salary for the performed work, which may not be less than the minimum salary. Salary for these purposes does not include salary for overtime work, extra pay for work in a working environment that is unfavourable and unhealthy, work at night and work on holidays and work at night and on Sunday.

Salary or pay shall be payable after the performance of work, not later than in the calendar month following after the month in which the employee became entitled to salary or any component thereof. The employer shall determine a regular date of payment of salary within the above period. Salary shall be paid during the working hours at the workplace unless some other time and place of payment have been agreed. When drawing up the monthly account of salary, the employer is obliged to submit to the employee a written document containing information on the individual components of the salary and on the performed deductions.

Minimum Salary

The minimum possible salary was proclaimed in a Regulation of the Government of the Czech Republic and published in the Collection of Laws (currently in Government Regulation No. 567/2006 Coll., hereinafter the Regulation). As of 1 January 2021, the minimum salary for employees remunerated by a monthly salary equals CZK 15,200 (in a weekly working time of 40 hours) and CZK 90.50 per hour for employees remunerated by hourly salary.

Lowest Levels of Guaranteed Salary

The lowest levels of guaranteed salary for the set 40 working hours per week are structured into 8 groups by complexity, responsibility and difficulty of the work performed, as follows:

Group 1: CZK 90.50 per hour (CZK 15,200 per month)
Group 2: CZK 99.90 per hour (CZK 16,800 per month)
Group 3: CZK 110.30 per hour (CZK 18,500 per month)
Group 4: CZK 121.80 per hour (CZK 20,500 per month)
Group 5: CZK 134.40 per hour (CZK 22,600 per month)
Group 6: CZK 148.40 per hour (CZK 24,900 per month)
Group 7: CZK 163.90 per hour (CZK 27,500 per month)
Group 8: CZK 181.00 per hour (CZK 30,400 per month)

Where the set weekly working time is other than 40 hours, the hourly rates of the minimum salary and the lowest possible levels of guaranteed salary shall be increased in proportion to the reduction in the weekly working time. For an employee who has agreed on a shorter working time or who has not worked for the relevant working hours corresponding to the set weekly working hours in a calendar month, the rate of the minimum salary and the lowest level of guaranteed salary shall be decreased in proportion to the hours worked.

Amount of Extra Pay for Work in an Unfavourable Working Environment

The amount of extra pay for work in an unfavourable working environment equals at least 10% of the basic rate of minimum salary stipulated in Section 2 for every unfavourable element under Section 2.


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