AdMaS – Advanced Materials, Structures and Technologies

Faculty of Civil Engineering, Brno University of Technology


The AdMaS Centre is a modern science centre and comprehensive civil engineering research institution. The centre focuses on research and development in the field of advanced building materials, structures and technologies and their application in civil engineering, and also in the transport systems and infrastructures of cities and municipalities.

The mission of the AdMaS Centre is to facilitate the application of the current results of basic research in practice via applied research, the result being new or improved building materials and technologies. These will have quantitatively higher useable properties, or lower production costs, and have limited negative impacts on the environment (during the production as well as the whole lifespan of the material).

The AdMaS Centre project has been developed with funding from the Operational Programme Research and Development for Innovation, a programme for the distribution of European structural funds.

Particular Areas for Co-operation

For producers of building materials

  • Development of novel energy-saving and environment-saving substances and advanced building materials with better utility parameters and longer lifetimes.
  • Design and verification of novel raw material sources – usable by-products, easily renewable sources, recycled materials.
  • Progressive methods for determining the elemental composition and concentration of components, for verifying the microstructure, thermal, technical and other features.
  • Utilisation of modern destructive and non-destructive methods for determining mechanical, physico-chemical and endurance parameters of building materials.

For construction companies and engineers

  • Optimisation of efficient materials usage in building constructions considering their lifespan and financial viability.
  • Design of progressive building structures and technologies aimed at increased reliability, lifespan and economic efficiency.
  • Experimental verification of short- and long-term behaviour of structures with a possibility of thermal, static and dynamic loading; fire resistance.
  • Utilisation of geodetic, photogrammetric and metrological support of building activities and research.

For owners and administrators of buildings, cultural monuments, for investors

  • Diagnostics and verification of structure features, using both destructive and non-destructive testing methods; virtual testing and mathematic modelling.
  • Measurement of cracks, proposals of static buildings protection.
  • Measurement of microclimate and thermal properties of buildings and component parts of buildings.

For territorial administrative units and public institutions

  • Modern technologies for wastewater draining and cleaning, drinking water treatment and distribution, new methods for energy recuperation from wastewater.
  • Measuring and modelling traffic flow, emissions and noise load.
  • Energy, ecology and sustainable development concept of urban settlements and regions.
  • Consulting and research in the field of Smart Cities.
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