CMV – Materials Research Centre

The project consists of two research programmes:

  1. Inorganic materials
  2. Transport systems and sensors

Inorganic materials: the objective is to create an instrumental and knowledge base for the silicates industry (inorganic binding agents, building materials, ceramics and refractory materials).

Transport systems and sensors: preparation and property characterisation of systems for controlled or targeted transport of biologically active substances and of sensors based on organic materials and conductors usable in diagnostics, medicine or healthcare in general, for example. Users may include pharmaceutical, cosmetic, biotechnological or food industries as well as companies dealing with sensory, diagnostic, environmental or agrochemical technologies.

Particular Areas for Co-Operation with Industries

Inorganic materials

  • Preparation of materials based on inorganic composites and produced in large volumes, where production technique changes may bring significant benefits
  • Preparation of inorganic materials with high stability under mechanical stress and in aggressive environments
  • Understanding technological processes used in binders and ceramics production and making them more efficient
  • Reducing the environmental load generated by production of inorganic materials (raw materials demand, waste management and emission processes)
  • Reducing the energy demand in high-temperature processes used in the preparation of ceramics and binders
  • Use of raw materials from other chemical, metallurgical or power-generating productions
  • Production of high-tech materials and precursors for demanding (such as medical) applications
  • Development, innovation and preparation of materials and testing samples in the preparative silicate laboratory
  • Characterisation of chemical and chemical-structural composition of inorganic materials

Transport systems and sensors

  • Preparation of functional nanomaterials and nanotechnological equipment for medical, “life science” and sensor applications
  • Studies of interactions in colloidal systems and nanosystems to detect their ability to bond biologically active substances into a stable complex enabling transport of the useful active substance to its destination. Design of systems for potential practical applications and preparation of functional samples or samples for subsequent (mainly biological or medical) tests
  • Preparation of novel functional materials with substantial sensory, electrical and optical features; construction of system prototypes for commercial applications
  • Characterisation of physico-chemical, electrical and optical characteristics of colloids, nanomaterials, thin layers and materials for organic electronics


  • Materials Research Centre
    Faculty of Chemistry
    Brno University of Technology
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    Czech Republic

    Prof. Ing. Miloslav Pekař, CSc.
    CMV director
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