Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Brno University of Technology

With almost 4,500 students and 15 specialised institutes, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is the second largest faculty of the Brno University of Technology and the largest engineering faculty in the Czech Republic.

Since its foundation in 1900, it has offered education in traditional branches of mechanical engineering, applied sciences and interdisciplinary fields, including materials, mathematical, process and physical engineering, mechatronics, biomechanics, industrial design, etc. The study is structured into three subsequent levels – Bachelor‘s, Master‘s and doctoral ones. All study branches are accredited in Czech and English, some of them are carried out in cooperation with foreign universities (France, Germany, Italy). Each year over 1,000 graduates leave the faculty with excellent prospectus at the labour market.

Close cooperation with Czech industrial partners and companies abroad – mainly by means of collaborative and contractual research, development and orders, expertise and consultancy services – is among the priorities of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. Significant is close cooperation with the Czech Technology Park and South Moravian Innovation Centre supporting innovation and star-ups by means of technology incubators in the region. SME‘s as well as leading international and Czech companies are of considerable importance for the Faculty – Skoda Auto, CEZ, Bosch, Honeywell, Tescan, Mubea, Koyo Bearings, POSCO, Volkswagen, etc.

The Company Day, being organized each year in the first half of March, is a place for meeting of students and company professionals and HR specialist. Some companies are donors of the Industrial Company Award when the best Bachelor‘s and Diploma thesis are underlined, or they attend faculty Open Days for the applicants.

The FME offers the following to industrial partners

  • Job offers
  • Student placement offer / internship
  • Company expert lecturing
  • Bachelor‘s / Diploma project topic
  • Research project – partnership
  • Sponsorship to selected student activity
  • Sponsorship to faculty scholarship fund
  • Sponsorship – Industrial Company Award
  • Member of a final examination committee
  • (Bachelor‘s, Master‘s, doctoral studies)
  • Advertisement of a company (faculty facilities)
  • Advertisement of a company (institute facilities)
  • Presentation of a company during Faculty Open days (for applicants)
  • Presentation of a company during Company Day (for university students)
  • Joint presentation of technical disciplines for secondary school students/pupils/public; Researcher‘s Night; any other promotion activity of the FME


  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
    Brno University of Technology
    Technická 2896/2, 616 69 Brno
    Czech Republic

    Ing. Hana Petrušková
    +420 541 142 217