International Staff Office (ISO) MUNI

ISO was founded in 2013 as CEITEC Welcome Office, which provided assistance for foreign scientists arriving to the institute.

In 2017 a new concept was founded, which offers assistance for all foreign employees on Masaryk University called International Staff Office. It was a first university office launched a help to international employees in centralized form.

The office helps and advises with a range of related issues before and after the foreigners arrival (entry permit, accommodation, integration to life in Czech Republic including family members etc.). Activity of the centre is very positively evaluated by foreigners especially before their arrival and during first few weeks in the Czech Republic, when the foreigner is not good oriented in the area of entry and residence permissions in the Czech Republic.

Within a frame of their activities the centre organizes educational seminars and social-cultural events.


  • Masarykova univerzita
    International Staff Office (ISO)
    A: Kotlářská 2, 611 37 Brno
    Bldg. 08, room 04020a
    Sylvie Pospíšilová, Head of the International Staff Office