JCMM – South Moravian Centre for International Mobility

The South Moravian Centre for International Mobility (JCMM) is specialized nonprofit organization whose founders and members are the Region of South Moravia, the Brno University of Technology, the Masaryk University, the Mendel University in Brno and the University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences Brno.

Our Mission

  • Supporting talented students from their secondary school education up to Ph.D. study
  • Providing assistance to secondary school teachers in work with talented students
  • Creating conditions to attract talented students from abroad
  • Bringing world class researchers to the region
  • Support of technical education in kindergarten in South Moravian region
  • Career consulting

Our Programmes

  • For secondary school students
    • Providing personal development grants to talented students.
    • Bringing talented students together with researchers – e.g. internships in research institutes, implementation of first research projects (High-School Expert Activity – SOČ), lectures, seminars.
    • Organising other out-of-school educational activities for students – e.g. education events, interdisciplinary contests.
  • For secondary school teachers
    • Cooperating closely with secondary school teachers from our region – sharing information about activities for talented students, searching for talents etc.
  • For university and PhD students
    • Providing career development grants to bachelor degree students.
    • Providing a 3-year scholarship to talented PhD students so that they can focus fully on science.
  • For foreign students
    • Providing a 1-year start-up scholarship to third-country nationals who wish to study at partner universities in the South Moravian Region and have not studied in the Czech Republic before.
    • Providing administrative support to students, i.e. assistance with enrolment, diploma recognition, visa procedure etc.
    • Assisting students to prepare for study in the Czech language through lectors in Russia.
  • For researchers
    • SoMoPro, a mobility programme, offers grants of 1- up to 3- years to fund the stay of international researchers in the region and to reintegrate Czech researchers returning from abroad.
    • As a part of the EURAXESS service, our Centre advises not only to foreign researchers but also to their families with the preparation and organization of their trip to a foreign country and provides comprehensive advice on their mobility. All the services are free of charge.

How Can We Help Businesses?

  • If you wish to identify talented and motivated secondary school to post-graduate students (both Czech and foreign) and offer them internships, excursions or technical lectures, please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • You may become an evaluator of post-graduate projects.

For more information, please visit our website at www.jcmm.cz.

  • South Moravian Centre for International Mobility
    Česká 166/11, 602 00 Brno, Czech Republic
    Phone: +420 541 211 043, e-mail: info@jcmm.cz, www.jcmm.cz