JIC – South Moravian Innovation Centre

JIC (South Moravian Innovation Centre) supports innovative businesses, the competitiveness of south moravian companies and the creation of qualified jobs in the region.

JIC services are used by people with great ideas, quickly growing startups as well as established technology companies.

Companies which have passed through JIC programmes have created 2,000 new jobs and hundreds of additional places in follow-up services. In the 14 years of its existence, more than 200 innovative companies has backed by JIC.

JIC empowers people to create and grow businesses that change the world. At the same time, JIC is making South Moravia one of the most innovative European regions.

JIC Programmes and Services


  • JIC is offering a series of courses for all those who already have a business idea, but who first wish to put it to the test, and for those who haven’t a clue how to start up a business. The course consists of seminars and workshops conducted by JIC consultants, and is suitable for all types of projects at the idea stage.

JIC ENTER (www.jic.cz/en/enter)

  • JIC ENTER is a programme for people with innovative ideas who want to start their own business.
  • Participants in this programme can check to see if their idea has any potential. The JIC supports them in their first steps and offers them an opportunity to develop their business skills by providing seminars, workshops and consultations with mentors.
  • Companies develop their business under expert supervision in a co-working space where they meet with other programme participants.

JIC STARCUBE (www.jic.cz/en/starcube)

  • International accelerator JIC STARCUBE is designed for startups and technology oriented teams who want to focus more intensively on their business idea.
  • A two-month programme full of workshops and consultations with experts and successful entrepreneurs is intended for teams from all over the world. Successful graduates of JIC STARCUBE include, for example, the companies GINA, Kiwi.com (former Skypicker), Videoflot and Reservio.

JIC MASTER (www.jic.cz/en/master)

  • Programme for innovative technology companies less than three years old with an ambition to become an important player in the market both here and abroad.
  • The JIC MASTER programme helps companies to set the appropriate strategy, identify the business’ weak points and build solid foundations for foreign expansion.
  • Participants are guided through the programme by consultants, JIC experts and also by the entrepreneur in residence, who combines the role of active business leader and consultant.
  • The JIC MASTER programme is intended for technology companies connected to the South Moravian Region who have been selling a product or service for not more than three years and who already have paying customers.

JIC PLATINN (www.jic.cz/en/platinn)

  • JIC PLATINN is a programme for established companies from south moravia who are interested in innovative opportunities for further development.
  • JIC PLATINN is designed for technology companies older than 3 years with more than 10 employees. A carefully selected expert will conduct an analysis of the company, identify its growth potential and help apply innovation and changes in practice.
  • This JIC programme, based on the Swiss model Platinn, is currently inspiring many European regions to establish their own coaching schemes.


  • The subsidiary company JIC VENTURES s.r.o. was established with the aim of investing in current and former JIC programmes participants.
  • This company helps approved companies develop more quickly by making investments ranging from tens to the lower hundreds of thousands euros. It plans to use returns on shares to support other JIC clients. It operates either as a sole investor or invests jointly alongside other investors.
  • www.jic.cz/en/ventures/


  • The newly established FABLAB BRNO digital workshop offers a 24-hour access to machines for everyone wishing to test their modern technology or work on a project. FABLAB BRNO, located in the JIC INMEC building, organizes events and workshops on mechanics, 3D printing and IoT to help them develop their technical skills. During these workshops, students, aspiring entrepreneurs and DIY enthusiasts are encouraged to create their school, artistic, business, or other projects. Those with an entrepreneurial plan and potential can further develop their projects under one of the JIC programmes.
  • www.fablabbrno.cz/en


  • The INTEMAC research centre in Kuřim helps companies conduct research and development in the fields of machine tools, production technology and mechanical engineering and is devoted to I 4.0.
  • The company Intemac Solutions, s.r.o., which operates the INTEMAC centre, is a JIC subsidiary.
  • http://www.intemac.cz/en

The JIC Runs Three Buildings in Brno

JIC clients can draw on comprehensive support facilities, including space for meetings, research and business. The JIC rents offices and laboratories to startups and established companies in three buildings.


The JIC base is located near the Czech Technology Park and is a direct neighbour of the Central European Institute of Technology (CEITEC BUT). There are laboratories and co-working spaces. Currently there is a new FabLab being formed – an open workshop equipped with digitally controlled machines.


The biotechnology incubator on the Masaryk University campus offers opportunities to cooperate with top class laboratories.


BUT Technology Incubator II is occupied by technology companies which have been provided with support facilities for developing their technologies.

Accreditation and International Networks

The JIC is a holder of the prestigious BIC accreditation, which is granted by the European Business & Innovation Centre Network (EBN) on behalf of the European Commission. The JIC is a member of the following international networks: European Business & Innovation Centre Network (EBN) and Enterprise Europe Network (EEN).


  • JIC, association of legal entities
    Purkyňova 649/127
    612 00 Brno
    +420 511 205 330