JIC – South Moravian Innovation Centre

JIC helps people develop a business that can change the world for the better. Its vision is an open, innovative ecosystem offering a home to globally successful entrepreneurs and inspiring the world. JIC helps, accompanies, inspires, teaches and believes that only people with their work and business making sense to them can be successful while enjoying life. Approximately one hundred South Moravian companies absolve its programs every year, from start-ups with new ideas to already established companies. This has also contributed to create one of the most innovative business systems in Central Europe. Since its foundation in 2003, JIC has helped more than 300 companies with the sales of nearly 30 billion crowns and with almost 6,500 employees. The founders of JIC are the South Moravian Region, Statutory City of Brno, Masaryk University, Brno University of Technology, Mendel University in Brno and University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences Brno.

What does JIC do?

Consulting support

  • for prospective entrepreneurs having an idea who need help getting the start, launching a business and getting first customers
  • for entrepreneurs who lack a strategy for further development but they want to help identify and eliminate the weaknesses of the company and want to support the growth of their business
  • for already established companies looking for a new impetus and advise with financial management, business development and strategic partnerships


JIC rents meeting rooms, lecture halls and laboratories in its buildings. In the INMEC building a FabLab operates digital workshop where you can find everything from 3D printers to programmable sewing machines.


JIC offers expert grant, investment and credit advice. By founding its own investment platform, JIC Ventures, also invests in start-up companies.


JIC VENTURES is a South Moravian Innovation Centre’s subsidiary. The aim is to invest in contemporary and former participants in JIC programs. By investing hundreds of thousands to millions of crowns, JIC VENTURES is supporting the faster development of proven companies.


Every year, JIC organizes or co-organizes dozens of educational events. For example, a Summer School of Business or a series of #chcipodnikat courses for students are prepared. JIC also participates in improving business education at Brno universities and, for entrepreneurs, offers advanced seminars and workshops with professionals. Together with other partners, JIC announces the Entrepreneur of the Year competition and is the co-organizer of the Prototype festival.


In this new project, consultants, brokers and advisors intensively help startups, spin-offs, students and companies that have been in existence for less than 5 years with the practical use and adaptation of space technologies.


Digital workshop FABLAB BRNO offers a 24-hour access to machines for everyone wishing to test their modern technology or work on a project. FABLAB BRNO, located in the JIC INMEC building, organizes events and workshops on mechanics, 3D printing and IoT to help them develop their technical skills. During these workshops, students, aspiring entrepreneurs and DIY enthusiasts are encouraged to create their school, artistic, business, or other projects. Those with an entrepreneurial plan and potential can further develop their projects under one of the JIC programmes.


The INTEMAC research centre in Kuřim helps companies conduct research and development in the fields of machine tools, production technology and mechanical engineering and is devoted to I 4.0.

The company Intemac Solutions, s.r.o., which operates the INTEMAC centre, is a JIC subsidiary.

KUMST – creative hub

The KUMST is new hub for cultural and creative industry situated in Brno, Údolní 19, former Faculty of Fine Artist BUT. The aim is the support of systematic development creative and cultural industry in Brno and South Moravian region. For creative professionals it offers environment to work and educate themselves, places for meetings and sharing experiences or consulting support for doing business in creative industry.

JIC runs three buildings in Brno.

JIC clients can draw on comprehensive support facilities, including space for meetings, research and business. JIC rents offices and laboratories to start-ups and established companies in three buildings.


JIC base is located near the Czech Technology Park and is a direct neighbour of the Central European Institute of Technology (CEITEC BUT). There are laboratories and coworking spaces. Currently there is located a FabLab – an open workshop equipped with digitally controlled machines.


The biotechnology incubator on the Masaryk University campus offers opportunities to cooperate with top class laboratories.


BUT Technology Incubator II is occupied by technology companies which have been provided with support facilities for developing their technologies.

JIC is a holder of the prestigious BIC accreditation, which is granted by the European Business & Innovation Centre Network (EBN) on behalf of the European Commission.

JIC is a member of the following international networks: European Business & Innovation Centre Network (EBN) and Enterprise Europe Network (EEN).

  • JIC, association of legal entities
    Purkyňova 649/127
    612 00 Brno
    +420 511 205 330