TTO MU – Technology Transfer Office of Masaryk University

Masaryk University (MUNI) has long recognized that the natural role of a high-quality and modern university is linked to the ability to foster collaboration with industry and applications. That is why the University founded its specialized centre, Technology Transfer Office (TTO) in 2005. Our mission is to help our researchers´ ideas across the borders of the University and bring knowledge and technologies into practice.

TTO supports cooperation between the scientific community and industry by building the University‘s internal environment and defining internal rules. It initiates opportunities for meeting scientists with company representatives or finding resources for collaborative research. TTO plays role of an intermediary, provider of services and both legal and administrative support, manages contracts and supervises their implementation. With its services, TTO contributes to the mutually beneficial development and implementation of commercially interesting results of scientific work into everyday life.

TTO supports the development of the functional environment for technology transfer by a diverse mix of activities. Some target the academic public - such as student education, workshops, round tables, traditional TT Day and more. Others are directed to the general public, in particular, to build long-term partnerships in the field of applied research. The biggest event of this kind is the Business Research Forum, which takes place every two years. TTO also represents the University at conferences and trade fairs where it presents interesting projects and technologies to potential investors.

The Technology Transfer Office also supports the transfer of knowledge into practice through direct financial support. It allocates resources for the industrial and legal protection of selected inventions (e.g. by patenting) and introduces motivational rules for rewarding originators. Along with modern trends, it supports promising technologies in an early stage of development by securing appropriate financial resources necessary for the development or verification of the functionality of these technologies (a.k.a. Proof of Concept).

Masaryk University and its TTO are an integral part of the regional framework; business activities, development of technology and start-up companies and business incubation are carried out in close cooperation with the South Moravian Innovation Centre and other institutions in the South Moravian Region.

Our Services

We are an expert service-providing office of Masaryk University with many years of experience. The TTO team consists of business development managers, project managers, lawyers, and economic-administrative support. Our services are intended both for Masaryk University employees and for external companies or other institutions and organizations.

Services for Companies/Application Partners:

  • offering technologies for licensing;
  • seeking scientific partners for contractual research and further cooperation;
  • assisting in the preparation of grant applications, innovation vouchers, etc.;
  • obtaining secondary financial resources for contractual research;
  • utilizing research, development and laboratory capacities of Masaryk University;
  • providing legal requisites for contractual research;
  • providing expert consulting in the area of technology transfer;
  • taking part in setting up effective protection of intellectual property;
  • providing commercial forms of training/education.

Services for MUNI employees

Intellectual Property:

  • providing protection of intellectual property resulting from research;
  • providing authors of inventions with administrative and legal support;
  • cooperating on the application of knowledge and technology;
  • providing assistance concerning dividing incomes from technology transfer;
  • consulting in the area of intellectual property rights.

Business Development:

  • seeking commercial partners for contractual research;
  • identifying subsidiary financial resources to secure contractual research;
  • negotiating and drafting contracts (licenses, confidentiality, etc.);
  • supporting business innovations and starting spin-off companies;
  • offering and selling technologies and knowledge (inventions, know-how, software, etc.).

Promotion and Training:

  • training scientists and students: intellectual property, business, project management;
  • organizing seminars, workshops, and consultations;
  • presenting research results and offers of technologies at conferences, workshops, and fairs;
  • presenting results of technology and knowledge transfer at Masaryk University.

Up-to-date information about our activities are published on the website, social networks and in the periodical Interface newsletter

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