TTO – Technology Transfer Office at the Brno University of Technology

Technology Transfer Office at the Brno University of Technology

Brno University of Technology is the only comprehensive technical university in the South Moravian Region. Apart from providing education in accredited fields and involvement in extensive scientific activities, an ever-greater role is played by the transfer of the unique knowledge and technologies to businesses with the purpose of their commercial utilization. Support of these activities is provided by the Technology Transfer Office (TTO).

Support of cooperation between the university and businesses

The TTO supports cooperation with businesses in form of contractual research or collaboration in domestic or international grant projects. With new contacts, the TTO works as the first contact point within the university. After a preliminary analysis of the partner’s requirements, the TTO finds and recommends a suitable faculty research team to perform the task. For both new and established partnerships, the TTO offers legal advice on contractual and intellectual property issues.

Brno University of Technology currently cooperates with a number of renowned companies such as Siemens, Honeywell, IBM, Škoda Auto, ABB, ŽĎAS, Zetor, Tatra Kopřivnice, ALTA, OHL ŽS, Microsoft, Chemopetrol, Gumotex, Tescan Orsay Holding, and dozens of other, smaller enterprises.

Commercialising R&D results

The TTO plays a very important role in assessing the inventions and technologies created by university researchers in terms of their practical applicability and possibilities for commercialization, via technology transfer managers at the faculties. The unique results generated at the university are offered to potential users on the web, through faculties and the authors themselves, at trade fairs and through international databases. The typical methods of a university transfer are a licensing agreement, a collaboration project based on the technology, or commercialization through a dedicated spin-off company.

Intellectual property protection

The TTO proposes and implements suitable forms of legal protection of unique knowledge and technologies, especially in form of national and international patents and utility models, industrial designs and trademarks. The TTO manages the university patent portfolio and the Patent Fund.

The most interesting patented results traditionally include those generated in collaboration with industry. These include, for example, the internationally protected holographic microscope for live cell monitoring, and the Hydal biotechnology with environmentally-friendly processing of used frying oil.

Services for cooperating businesses:

  • cooperation in strategic research projects;
  • licenses to unique technologies;
  • measurements, analyses and expert consulting;
  • custom solutions of research tasks.

Services for university researchers:

  • intellectual property protection;
  • legal support of cooperation with companies;
  • consultation of a commercialization opportunity;
  • thematic workshops and seminars.
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