VIII. Practical Information: Working and Living in South Moravia

The first thing to remember about settling in South Moravia is that the people here, the lifestyle, the environment and the culture are a world apart from not only your home country, but also from Prague, which you may have already heard. The second thing to know is that the local “expatriate scene” is rather small (compared to e.g. Prague or Vienna), and is based on personal networking rather than plainly visible and institutionalized organizations. In other words, the many foreign citizens happily residing here are largely immersed in all the region has to offer – in many cases “more Czech than the Czechs themselves”.

The third thing to know is that much of what you encounter here will seem strange and that it is better to try to understand Czech mentality rather than expecting them to change overnight just because you expect them to be different. This is why we recommend that every newcomer grab a copy of Hašek’s century-old novel “The Good Soldier Švejk”, and read, laugh, understand!

This Section discusses the aspects of life that the foreign community must come to terms with here in South Moravia. You may experience difficulties and frustration if only for the language barrier or some other reason. But we hope that this text will help you overcome such problems. We also aim to offer a tried-and-true selection of friendly, efficient services that should meet your expectations. The ultimate choice is always yours. However, the selection we present here is based on a survey carried out among foreign investors in Brno and South Moravia, and we believe that their recommendations will come handy to you. The authors of this text can not always guarantee that you will also be satisfied with their service. We do however believe that in this way, the likelihood of you being happily steered on your way to successful businesses in South Moravia will increase.